By admin, 8 April, 2022

Troubleshooting / Rescue for your Drupal Projects

You just can't get ahead in your current project? You are facing a problem that you can't get solved?
We help you! Sometimes it takes someone from the outside, with a lot of experience, to solve difficult tasks.

Our Drupal-experienced experts take a look at your project and the problem areas within the project and search for the solutions together with you.
You can rely on our expertise and years of experience in Drupal programming and development.

The advantages for you: You only hire us for the tasks that you cannot solve and therefor you save yourself and your employees time and nerves.

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Strategy Workshops

Are you planning a new web project, but are unsure whether Drupal is the right CMS for your plans?
Let's think about it together!

In a strategy workshop, we analyze your project together with you. We look at what your requirements are and what implementation options there are for this. We check whether and in what form Drupal meets your requirements or whether another CMS is the better alternative for your project.

In the course of such a workshop, we not only help you to make an implementation decision, we also give you important hints, food for thought and handouts for the implementation of your project.

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Implementation of customized processes

You want to work faster and more effectively with Drupal? We show you and your employees how you can use effective automatisms and processes in your daily work with Drupal. Together we implement new processes that make your work easier.

We help you with process implementation in the areas of:

  • CI/CD - Deployments und Releasemanagement
  • simple working environments for developers
  • Documentation
  • Tests and much more

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